About Us

Moerewa Christian Fellowship is a group of ordinary people transformed by radical encounters with a loving God, a family of committed disciples of Jesus Christ called together to declare and demonstrate the liberating power of the Gospel, both locally and every place opportunity arises.

We honour every person as being created in the image of God, a unique individual, loved by God and created for relationship with Him, and intended for an amazing abundant life.

We honour our different ethnic backgrounds and origins, valuing our diversity, while we journey together as
family/whanau in Christ discovering what it means to fully live out the New Creation we are.

We honour the gifts talents and abilities in each person, both male and female and seek to equip/ empower every believer to both grow to their full potential and to serve others around them.

As one of several Churches in the Moerewa/Kawakawa communities we seek to reflect the goodness and greatness of God in the following ways.

We value the amazing grace, the incredible love, and the powerful presence of God.

We value powerful praise and passionate worship of God.

We value enthusiastic spontaneous service to God and our wider community

We value a generous lifestyle to God and to those around us.

We value family/whanau as the ultimate place of belonging and maturing as designed by God

We value liberty and freedom in Christ and our amazing inheritance in Christ.

We seek to add value and empower every person we have the privilege to connect with.

We are learners in the journey of life, taking risks, making mistakes, secure in the love of God that we may bring as much of Heaven to Earth in Moerewa as we can!

We invite you to join the journey and dream with us!!

Founding Pastors


Pastors Howard and Vicki Edwards planted and led Moerewa Christian Fellowship from 1981 - 2017. Howie began the ministry in June 1980 as a result of a clear call from God while attending Christian Renewal Bible College in Whangarei. Howie has a pastoral gift and an ability to preach and teach and has enabled many to grow and find their place in the Kingdom of God. Vicki joined the team when she married Howie in 1986. Vicki has a passion for family and discipleship. A love for the presence of God and a desire to see women reach their full potential as joint heirs in the Kingdom.
The Church is currently led by an Eldership Team, with Laurie Anderson as Lead Elder.
Howie & Vicki are now mentoring, encouraging and caring for Church Leaders across Northland.

Our Vision

Assisting every person into a life-changing encounter with Jesus Christ so that they can fully realise their potential as members of the family of God.

Building an empowering, encouraging, faith-filled environment that enables every believer to function in their gifts both spiritual and natural.

Creating effective relationships that value, honour, empower, uplifting each person be a blessing. 

Declaring faithfully the unchanging truth as set forth in the Word of God - The Bible.

Enabling believers to live a life of positive abundant living, prospering in every area of life.

Finding the hidden treasures of talent and ability in each person and encouraging them into fruitful expression.

Gathering together to worship, praise and honour God, and then to go out into our community to serve and uplift others.

Helping provide effective community services at our facility to bring health, support and wholeness to our Community.

Initiating connection, outreach and assistance to other Northland Churches to enable them to be effective and flourish.

Joining hands with the other Churches, Groups and Organisations in Moerewa to help build a hope-filled future for our community.

Key ideas and creative solutions that make a significant difference for the future of our town.